Thai Tanic Restaurant was open for business in March 2001 it was the time of the 14th St corridors just beginning to flourish. It only a hand full of small business were around on the stress of Thomas circle thru Florida Ave. On 14th St, most of the business people thought that here was not a designable area to be but we see it differently.

     We are a small establishment who want to be part of community. Thai Tanic is the place that you can come to have such a great meal at a very affordable price in the unique of our own image and charm. Thai Tanic is the place where you can be very comfortable even you are by yourself, in a company, or with your love one. 

     You, as our value customers who make us what we are today. Because of that, on a behalf of our crews, we would love to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for all these years who's near and far. We are considering a great privilege to serve you and to have you as our wonderful customers.

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